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Clive Saxton, LCPC, NCC

Undergraduate Education:

Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology

Graduate Education:

Master of Arts in Counseling

Professional Licenses:


Clinical Training/Certifications:

Pupil Personnel Services

Counseling Services:

Trauma, Expressive Mediums, Mindfulness

About Clive:

Clive Saxton is a licensed clinical professional counselor and a national certified counselor. Clive graduated from Idaho State University with a Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology in 2015 and a Master of Arts in Counseling in 2017. He worked three summers with the Northwest Center for fluency disorders; first as a counselor for two years and then as an assistant supervising counselor. In 2016, he co-authored a short piece about working as a counselor with people who stutter titled, How To Stand On Elephants. Clive works as a mental health counselor at an alternative school during the day and provides services for High Country in the evenings. He specializes in grief counseling, trauma recovery, and multicultural counseling.

One of his most fulfilling experiences has been working as a volunteer to raise funds for The Healing Lands Project. The Healing Lands Project is a non-profit organization, serving juveniles who have lost a parent to intimate partner homicide by providing them direct access to a blended form of therapeutic service and wilderness adventure. All these experiences have given him a window into the possibilities for human growth and healing. Clive looks forward to being a part of the rich legacy of High Country Behavioral Health and serving his fellow Idahoans in their quest for self-realization.

“Whether you have decided to check out counseling or have committed to long-term therapy, congratulations are in order. Stepping into this space is one of the most difficult, vulnerable, and yet rewarding experiences you will have, and I am honored to begin that journey with you!”

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