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Jason Harshberger, PPC


Undergraduate Education:

Bachelor of Science in Psychology, University of Wyoming, 2000

Graduate Education:

Master of Arts in Clinical Mental Health Counseling, Colorado Christian University, 2020

Master of Divinity, McCormick Theological Seminary, 2003

Counseling Services:

Addiction and Substance Use, Family, Couples, Marriage, Adolescents, Faith Based

About Jason:

Jason Harshberger is a Provisionally Licensed Counselor in the State of Wyoming. He works with clients who are experiencing mental health issues and substance abuse issues. He believes in addressing both the current issue and the underlying events or circumstances that are influencing the current situation.

Jason enjoys working with adolescents, families, couples, mental health clients and substance abuse clients. He is also an Ordained Minister and works with clients from all faith backgrounds. When clients are interested in it, Jason is comfortable incorporating faith as a part of his client's overall treatment plan.

Jason loves spending time with his wife and his kids. He enjoys a wide variety of outdoor activities and is also a big sports fan.



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