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Lorry Stufflebeam, LCSW

Undergraduate Education:

The University of Phoenix, Bachelors of Science in Human Services

Graduate Education:

The University of Utah, Salt Lake City, Masters of Social Work

Professional Licenses:

Licensed Clinical Social Worker, WY- LCSW1160, Utah- LCSW 7885635-3501, Idaho- LCSW-39513

Clinical Training/Certifications:

EMDR, DBT, MBSR, MRT, Counseling Services

About Lorry:

Lorry Stufflebeam is a licensed clinical social worker in Wyoming, Utah, and Idaho. She has a master’s of social work from the University of Utah with an undergraduate degree in human services.

Lorry has worked with children and families for 21 years and has been providing direct clinical interventions for the past 7 years. Her experience includes working with child welfare, courts, parental rights, crisis situations, post-traumatic stress disorder, substance abuse, active and retired military. She has provided therapeutic services to individuals, couples, children, and senior citizens with a wide range of situational issues and severe mental illness. Most recently, she has been working with women that are incarcerated in prison.

Lorry enjoys working with people and receives great satisfaction from helping others. She has received numerous awards including a "Heart of Gold" recognition for her child welfare work in the State of Utah, Division of Child and Family Services. She has also served as a clinical case worker for a pilot program in Utah that attempted to introduce crisis and safety interventions to prevent the removal of children from their homes—with the belief that in certain situations safety can be established without children having to experience foster care.

Lorry believes that all people deserve peace, empathy, encouragement, and unconditional positive regard no matter the circumstance. She believes there is a great deal of power in education, communication, and connection.

Lorry’s scope of practice includes viewing the person as a whole. This includes assessing the client’s support system, self-care, coping skills, diet, exercise, and basic needs. What works for some may not work for all and Lorry believes in a collaboration between herself and the client—to meet them where they are and expand on their current strengths. Lorry has trained in acceptance and commitment therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, dialectical behavioral therapy, mindful based stress reduction, emotional focused couple counseling, Gottman method, veteran specific PTSD, and EMDR.

Lorry grew up in the military and has lived all over the country, including some places outside of it. She loves animals, hiking, and being outdoors and dreams of completing the Triple Crown of Hiking.

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