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Mark Bennett, LCSW

Undergraduate Education:

2007 – Bachelor’s of Social Work

Graduate Education:

2010 – Masters of Social Work

Professional Licenses:

Licensed Clinical Social Worker – Idaho, Licensed Clinical Social Worker – Wyoming

Clinical Training/Certifications:

 Continuing education in Trauma Treatment, Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction, and Play Therapy

Counseling Services:

Individual and family therapy, working with children if parents are willing to participate in sessions, also involving CBT, DBT, and ACT strategies with clients.

About Mark:

Mark Bennett is a counselor specialized in helping people recover from anxiety, depression, stress problems, relationship problems, and trauma. He began counseling in 2011 and worked as a hospice social worker and bereavement specialist from 2014-2018. He has experience in treating trauma, depression, anxiety, and childhood problems.

Mark grew up in a military setting in both overseas and state-side locations. He remembers being in Germany when the Berlin Wall fell and during the first Iraq war. He saw challenges that interfered with happy and meaningful lives and hoped to find ways to make a difference.

Mark’s objective as a behavioral health care provider is to improve lives by improving the compassion that people feel towards themselves and others and to help people engage in meaningful lives. His methods of treatment involve a strong belief that each person is immensely valuable and important. He can help you to fine-tune mindfulness and compassion skills, self-acceptance, thinking patterns, and behaviors, so you can find more satisfaction in life. Mark draws from CBT, DBT/mindfulness, and ACT philosophies. Mark also has extensive experience with children and loves to treat children whose parents are willing to participate in growth for themselves, their family, and their child.

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