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Maureen Lyons, LCSW, MSW

Undergraduate Education:

Associate Degree from College of Eastern Utah, Bachelor Degree with a Major Psychology from the Utah State University

Graduate Education:

Master of Social Work from the University of Utah

Professional Licenses:

Licensed Clinical Social Worker- LCSW

Clinical Training/Certifications:

Dialectical Behavior Therapy, Trauma-Focused CBT, Moral Reconation Therapy, Mindful Based CBT, Seeking Safety, Helping Women Recover, Mind Over Mood, ASSIST

Counseling Services:

Individual therapy- all ages, with all diagnosis, group therapy, substance abuse treatment, family therapy, couples therapy

About Maureen:

Maureen Lyons provides individual, group, and family therapy to help support learning and acquisition of skills and insight to aid in healing and growth. Maureen is well versed in dialectical behavior therapy. She also uses mindfulness and meditation skills to aid in gaining a better perspective of self and others.

Maureen utilizes a variety of therapeutic and evidence-based practices including trauma-focused CBT, DBT, meditation/mindfulness, mindful based CBT, MRT, and other modalities of treatment. These modalities have been proven to address mental health concerns such as depression, anxiety, trauma, and substance abuse issues. Maureen is a generalist with experience treating all ages of clients and has worked with people experiencing problems with substance abuse, trauma, depression, and other mental health concerns. She has worked within the schools to help provide school-based services. She believes it is important to treat the person not just the identified disorder to help the person with personal growth and development in their journey to integrating better emotional health.

Her career has been based in small rural areas and she has a good understanding of the challenges that come with access to services in these areas and coordinates well with other agencies. She wants to work with clients in achieving their goals in their efforts of personal growth and development. She is a lifelong learner and is always seeking new ideas for her own growth and to share with her clients for their use in their lives.

Maureen received her undergraduate degree in psychology from Utah State University. She received her master's degree in social work from the University of Utah. While achieving these degrees, she worked with the local school district as the coordinator of the youth in custody program, which served children in foster care and in the custody of the State of Utah. She completed one internship at the Utah State Prison and another internship with Four Corners Community Behavioral Health where she was later hired. She is a member of the Gold Key Honor Society. It was largely her work with the at-risk youth in the YIC program that inspired her to seek a career as a therapist.

Maureen was raised in a small town in Utah, on a dairy/beef cattle ranch and continues to love farm life and animals. Her main interest is in horses and training and working with horses. She also teaches her grandchildren and other children in her life to ride and work with horses. She believes in the therapeutic power of animals and the outdoors.

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