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Grief Series: Let's Talk About Grief

Let’s talk about grief. This a big topic, and not an easy one at that. In fact, for those of us that have experienced a deep loss, just reading the word GRIEF might be enough to instantly put an ache in your heart, a lump in your throat, and a tear in your eye.

Unfortunately, grief is inevitable. It is something that we all experience, at some point - every single one of us. And, sadly, no matter the circumstances, it is something we can never truly prepare ourselves for.

How our grief affects us – both emotionally and physically, and the way in which we cope with it, may differ; however, most of us would agree that the loss of someone or something that we love is arguably the most difficult and overwhelming part of life.

So why do we not talk more openly about our grief? Why do we hesitate to let others share in our grief and help us navigate this unbalancing terrain? Why do we feel like our grief is something that no one else could possibly understand, when LOSS is one of the few things that we all have in common? Granted, loss is relative, and deeply personal, but LOVE and LOSS could be two of the only human experiences that could bring us together.

So, let’s talk about our grief. Over the next few weeks, we will be posting social media and blog content about grief to help get the conversation started. Let’s share our stories, our pain, our memories, our disappointments, and find our way through this human experience together with empathy, understanding and support.

What do grandma’s chipped bowls riding around in the trunk of the car have to do with coping with the loss of your parents?

Read next week's guest blog, "Carrying Grief … In The Trunk Of The Car", by HCBH friend, Jolene Pate, to find out. 


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