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With telehealth, we can help you achieve your personal treatment goals from a distance. Our counselors will meet with you through real-time video sessions, using a secure platform to ensure your confidentiality.

Whether you need counseling services, medication management, or help with drug and alcohol addiction, we can help you plan your treatment program through our telehealth platform. You will receive the same high-quality care that our clients receive at any one of our locations, without leaving the comfort of your home.

How Can a Telehealth Appointment Help?

Telehealth has many advantages, including:

  • Improves access to mental health and substance use care that might not otherwise be available
  • Brings care to the client’s home or location of choice
  • Reduces delays in care, improving continuity of care and follow-up
  • Can reduce the need for time off work, childcare services, and travel to access appointments far away
  • Provides clients with access to counselors who may not reside in the area where the client lives
  • Reduces the barrier of stigma that may be associated with physically entering a local office to obtain care
  • Most insurance companies, as well as Medicaid, cover telehealth services if guidelines are met

Telehealth can be a convenient platform for your mental wellness journey. Together, we can help you seek a happier and more balanced life.

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