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Sometimes people need medication to help manage the symptoms of a mental illness or addiction disorder. Mental illness and addiction can be the result of a chemical imbalance in the brain, which is why medication is often prescribed for people facing these challenges. Our psychiatric prescribers can provide a diagnosis and prescribe medication to help you with your treatment. Whenever psychotropic medication is prescribed, counseling will also be recommended.

Some people have a difficult time adjusting to new medications and new routines.

Is Psychotropic Medication Right For Me?

There are several factors to consider when working with a psychiatric subscriber to determine if psychotropic medication is appropriate for you

  • What is the diagnosis, and why is a particular medication recommended?
  • What symptom relief can you expect and when?
  • You should take the medication as prescribed, but what should you do if you happen to miss a dose?
  • What are common side effects (routine or predicted reactions) and how long will they last? Be aware of possible adverse reactions (such as rash, severe headaches, nausea, and vomiting, etc.) and what you should do?
  • What initial and ongoing medical tests/lab work is required?
  • How long will you be on medication, and how do you discontinue the medication?
  • Will your routine activities or diet be restricted in any way?
  • What follow-up medication appointments and treatment sessions are required?

Each person can react differently to a medication, so our prescribers will work with you to find the best medication for you individually. It might take a couple of tries to find the right solution, but we’ll help you through this process.

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