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About HCBH

Since 1986, our non-profit organization has been committed to providing rural communities in Wyoming and Idaho with affordable access to life-changing behavioral health services. Our team of licensed professionals are devoted to the application of therapeutic methods that enhance the lives and well-being of our clientele through counseling, case management, medication management and crisis services.

Each of our 13 facilities offers a comfortable and judgement- free environment for individuals, couples and families to safely explore, identify and address emotional and behavioral issues that affect their health and happiness. Our team utilizes evidence-based treatment methods that empower individuals to regulate emotions, manage stress, build healthy relationships, and achieve personal goals that add value and purpose to life.

In our small, intimate communities, we ensure your privacy and confidentiality are preserved by our discreet staff and modernized methods, allowing for in-person counseling and secure telehealth sessions. Our virtual services cater to the convenience and anonymity you desire at the times and locations that work best for you.

A Message from Our Leader

“We look forward to the opportunity to stand at the crossroads of people’s lives: listening, mentoring, guiding, and teaching. We recognize that we can only reach our full potential as individuals and as an organization to the degree that we can assist others to reach their potential for happiness and well-being.”

Kipp Dana, Chief Executive Officer

Our Leadership Team

Chief Financial Officer

Paul Meigio

Chief Information Officer

Kelly Kleeman

Health Service Administrator

Jason Marsh

Operations Manager

Sheila Newman

Marketing Manager

Shelley Green

Human Resource Manager

Jessi Nielson

Executive/HR Assistant

Keisha Arnell

Success Stories

I came here one year ago as a broken man. There was much I had to face about myself, life, and reality which could have potentially destroyed me, had I faced it alone. The staff here is very qualified and good at what they do. I used to always have a paranoia about these places, and that kept me from getting the help I needed. Now, I am a new person in ways I just can't seem to articulate. These people are not just healers and guides, they are artists. And once I could see their unique form of art, I really started to change. They care about their clients and they care about their work. It's made me appreciate many different forms of the healing arts. I never knew that I could overcome. I just never knew. My life is just beginning now, and I can write the story of my life how I want. I am no longer under control of that psychological spell which controlled me for so much of my life. It's a beautiful thing I never thought was a possibility. It makes a man feel blessed. I can really live now.
-Cassidy W

I'm really looking forward for the next time I get to see the each of the staff that I interact with they are very conscious of my needs and have my best interest in mind they treat me with respect kindness and enthusiastic about my recovery and my needs for therapy and a very cooperative with me at each stage of my therapy and class room interaction thank you very much for the opportunity for my input at this point of my recovery and therapy interaction.

- Greg B


I have nothing but the up most respect for your staff. My councilors (Steve) has empathy as well as understanding and forthwith with answers and if he doesn't have the answer he will our next appointment. The classes are helpful and intuitive. I have not met a disrespectful employee there. They are even respectful even when it comes to drug testing. I would recommend this place to anyone who are in need of their services. Thank you everyone for all you have and continue to do for me

-Holly R

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