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Sarah Hixson, LCSW

Undergraduate Education:

Bachelor of Science from Northland College, 1983

Graduate Education:

Smith College School for Social Work, 1992

Professional Licenses:

Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Wyoming License 276

Clinical Training/Certifications:

Master Addiction Counselor (MAC), EMDR trained, DBT, Motivational Interviewing

Counseling Services:

Adult, adolescent, and child individual counseling. Group therapy. Play therapy. Home-Based Family Services. Specializing in trauma recovery, PTSD treatment, anxiety, depression, and dysfunctional family systems.

About Sarah:

Sarah provides psychotherapy using a person-centered approach with a deep respect for the person’s innate abilities for self-healing and their personal journey of change and growth. Sarah employs a variety of approaches to best serve a person depending on the individual situation. If you are looking for a therapist who only listens and nods, Sarah is not for you. She wants to listen to you and then engage in a conversation that will lead to a collaboration of healing, gaining skills, and realizing your full potential.

Sarah has been practicing therapy in Wyoming since 1993. She has been licensed as a clinical social worker since 1998 (When Wyoming began licensing the profession). Over these 27 years, Sarah studied and trained intensively in addiction recovery earning a master addiction counselor certification (MAC). Sarah has also had specialty training in EMDR, as well as CBT, DBT, MI, and home-based family services.

More important perhaps, than all the training has been the understanding and wisdom Sarah has gleaned from the stories, trials, work, and triumphs of so many clients over these many years. While many people seek therapy for more brief life transition issues “I want the potential client to know that there is no problem they can bring that is outside the human experience.” Sarah understands that people who have been hurt think there is something wrong with them and shame may keep them from seeking help. “My passion is to work with the traumatized. To help them find their inner strength and resilience, despite what life has thrown at them. When I see that transformation to self-acceptance in a person I know why I chose this profession.”

When Sarah isn’t providing therapy to her clients she enjoys the beautiful natural surroundings of Sublette County, travels often to visit family or see new places, and volunteers in a variety of community organizations. “I am happiest when I’m making a difference in our world…or I am out exploring in my hiking boots or on my cross country skis.”

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