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Trust Based Relational Intervention (TBRI) Parent and Caregiver Training

Parenting can be a challenging task for all of us.  When kids have been through something hard such as a traumatic event, medical issues, mental health issues, separation from a parent, foster care, or adoption, they need even more from their parents.  Trust Based Relational Intervention (TBRI) is designed to help parents navigate parenting a child who has extra struggles. 

What is TBRI? 

The TBRI caregiver training is provided to parents and caregivers, or anyone else working with struggling kids, to help them know how to intervene with their kids in a way that builds their connection with their child.  The program is based on 3 pillars, Connection, Empowerment, and Correction. The program is brain-based.  It was developed by child development experts to address the developmental needs of children who have been through hard experiences.  Research has shown it to be effective for struggling kids. 

Who is TBRI appropriate for? 

One of the beautiful things about TBRI is that the skills used are effective with almost all kids.  It incorporates proven parenting skills, and can be used effectively with almost any child.  It was specifically designed for the parents of struggling kids to help parents address the behaviors that come from the special needs kids under stress often have. 

What does the Caregiver group look like? 

The TBRI Caregiver group is an opportunity for parents to come together, connect with other parents who have struggling kids, and learn parenting methods that will help their children become their best selves.  The group is 12, 2-hour sessions, each includes opportunities to connect with other parents and learn new skills. 

TBRI parent and caregiver training is available in our Idaho Falls office, with therapist Charlene Hertzberg.

Charlene Hertzberg, LMSW

About the author

Charlene Hertzberg, LMSW

Charlene Hertzberg is a therapist in our Idaho Falls office. She has worked extensively with the foster and adoptive community and enjoys working with people who are parenting children who have been exposed to traumatic situations. Charlene is trained in Trust Based Relational Intervention (TBRI) and is currently training in Theraplay. She uses tools from both, in working with parents and families to help them gain their goals of close, connected, healthy families and children.

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