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Hispanic/Latinx Mental Health Resources

The Hispanic/Latinx community makes up over 18% of the US population, making it our country’s second largest ethnic group. However, despite its large population, the Hispanic/Latinx community face many barriers in accessing mental health care. In fact, of the 16% of Hispanic/Latinx adults that report mental health issues, only 35% ever receive mental illness treatment. This is markedly less than the national average of 46.2%.  This is a cause for concern, as many mental health conditions only worsen without proper treatment and can contribute to heart-breaking consequences for the individual, as well as their family, friends, and community.  

Removing barriers to mental health care is a large part of our mission, here at HCBH. Thus, we strive to employ bilingual office personnel and therapists that can be available to assist our Hispanic/Latinx clients. However, because resources are sometimes limited in our rural communities, we would like to share additional bilingual resources below.

HCBH Bilingual Resources

HCBH Bilingual Therapists 

David Bills, LPC in Pocatello, Idaho and Elena Madera, PPC  in Rawlins, WY provide bilingual counseling on location or via telehealth.

HCBH Bilingual Administrative Help

Marisol Contreras and Judy Murillo

Hispanic/Latinx Mental Health Resources

National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI)

Provides a three-part video series, Compartiendo Esperanza to aide in spreading mental health awareness within Hispanic/Latinx communities. Topics include; Youth and Mental Wellness, Community Leaders and Mental Wellness, and Latinx Families and Mental Wellness

Mental Health America’s Resources for Latinx/Hispanic Communities

Provides general mental health Spanish-speaking resources, including a list of Spanish-language materials and Spanish-language screening tools.

American Society of Hispanic Psychiatry

Promotes the research, education, advocacy and support for those in the Hispanic community. Offers a “Find a Physician” feature on their website.

Therapy for Latinx

Provides a database of therapists who either identify as Latinx or has worked closely with and understands the unique needs of the Latinx community. The website is also offered in Spanish.

Latinx Therapy

Offers a database for Latinx individuals seeking a diversity of mental health and wellness resources, courses and workshops. The website also offers a national directory to help find a therapist and navigate the patient/client-mental health provider journey.

Psychology Today

Provides a directory of Hispanic/Latinx therapists.

Please help us to remove barriers to mental health care by sharing these resources with friends, family and within your community. Together, we can be part of the solution!

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