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The compassionate team at our Mountain View and Kemmerer offices have the training and expertise to assist you in your journey toward better mental health. Living with a mental health condition is never easy and can have a large impact on all areas of your life, so we're ready to help you make the improvements that you need to live your best life.

We'll help provide an individualized treatment plan to meet your unique needs. That could include one or more of the following treatment methods: individual counseling, telehealth services, group therapy, family counseling, and more.

Mountain View & Kemmerer Team

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High Country Behavioral Health - Kemmerer

Address: 821 Sage St. Kemmerer, WY 83101

Phone: (307) 877-4466  Fax: (307) 877-9832

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High Country Behavioral Health - Mountain View

Physical Address: 1050 N Highway 414 Mountain View, WY 82939

Mailing Address: PO Box 458 Mountain View, WY 82939

Phone: (307) 782-3097  Fax: (307)782-3099

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