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Case Manager

Chereon Hoopes

Undergraduate Education: 

Bachelor of Psychology; Utah State University

Counseling Services:

Case management and coordination services for Community Services Block Grant recipients in Lincoln and Sublette counties

About Chereon:

Chereon manages the Community Services Block for both Lincoln and Sublette counties. Her intention is to assist qualified members of Lincoln and Sublette communities to ultimately be self-sufficient and continue in their independent living situations, but who are looking for short-term help with medical, dental, vision, and rental costs.

Chereon began her college career with a desire to be a pharmacist. Microbiology and Organic Chemistry were her favorite subjects. She received her Associate of Arts degree from Western Wyoming Community College in 1996, and her Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from Utah State University in 2001.

Chereon feels blessed to be married to the love of her life, Neil, for 31 years. Together, they have 7 children and 5 grandchildren. In August of 2014, her 6th child had her appendix out and has been in persistent pain ever since. Consequently, she spent the next 7 years studying western medicine, Eastern medicine, and alternative medicines including herbs, Qi Gong, Chakra work, essential oils, homeopathy, bio-geometry, and Bach flower remedies. She became a Certified Crystal Healer in 2019, wherein she learned Vibrational / Einsteinian medicine. She currently teaches online courses on how we can be Light Workers, to heal ourselves in body and mind, and to step into our own power. She believes that mindfulness is the basis of health, and that intention is the key to success. She now has a biofeedback program that uses frequency healing, and also harmonic therapy lights that are FDA approved to decrease pain.



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