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Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner

Jayme Donaldson, DNP, PMHNP-BC

Undergraduate Education:

Bachelor of Science in Nursing

Graduate Education:

Doctorate of Nursing Practice

Professional Licenses:

Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner

Clinical Training/Certifications:

MAT Waiver

Counseling Services:

Medication-assisted Therapy

About Jayme:

Jayme is currently the primary full-time provider at HCBH in Douglas, WY. She is a board certified nurse practitioner with training in mental health and related areas.

Jayme has worked in various medical settings, including Wyoming Medical Center where she worked as a registered nurse in the emergency and neurology departments from 2013 - 2020. Her time in the emergency department, brought into focus the growing need for mental health in Wyoming. Recognizing that need, she was inspired to continue her education, enrolling back into school to become a Psych NP in 2017.

Jayme's knowledge and compassion for individuals suffering from mental health disorders makes her an excellent addition to the High Country Behavioral Health team.

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