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Josh Cosgrave, PCSW

Undergraduate Education:

Bachelor of Science in Social Sciences, University of Wyoming

Graduate Education:

Master of Social Work, University of Wyoming

Professional Licenses:

Provisional Clinical Social Worker

Clinical Training/Certifications:

Child-Centered Play Therapy, Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), Narrative Therapy,
and Motivational Interviewing

Counseling Services:

Individual, Family, and Group Mental Health and Substance Use Therapy - Child and Adult, Case Management

About Josh:

Josh Cosgrave received his undergraduate degree from the University of Wyoming in Social Sciences in 2017.  After graduating he began working as a child protection worker and juvenile probation officer for the State of Wyoming and would continue working there for the next six years.  Working with children and families to help them feel success in their lives is one of Josh’s great passions in life. 

While remaining at the State of Wyoming, Josh began his graduate education in the field for social work in 2021.  In the first year of his master’s program Josh interned at the Youth Alternative Home Association (YAHA) in Evanston, Wyoming.  While there, Josh enjoyed working directly with at risk youths and their families.  In the second year of his master’s program Josh interned with High Country Behavioral Health, where he practiced individual, group, and family therapy until he ultimately decided to join the High Country team permanently in July of 2023.

As a treatment provider, it is Josh’s goal to work with and alongside individuals, groups, and family service users to help them identify and achieve their personal goals by utilizing their own, inherent strengths and abilities to help them further develop skills to achieve their own self-determination.  Josh hopes to do this by treating every person he works alongside, with the utmost care, compassion, dignity, and respect.  It is Josh’s aim to de-problematize individuals by helpings them recognize and resist the oppressive systems they are operating in, which often create the most difficult challenges and barriers they face in their lives.  Josh’s ultimate goal is to help utilize each individual's expertise and knowledge of their own life in order to help them meet their needs in the ways that they choose and that will be most helpful to them

In working with children and families, Josh combines Systems Theory and Structural Family Theory to help families identify and recognize their communication and interaction patterns and if necessary, help them to readjust and restructure those patterns in order to help both the entire family, as well as the individuals within their family, to function more effectively.  Josh most often utilizes DBT skills with children and their families to help them utilize their own interests, passions, and joys to help normalize and incorporate their own natural ways of being in their lives.

Josh loves being outside and doing practically anything.  He enjoys listening to music, spending time with his pets, laughing with friends and family, and Josh loves spending time with his family more than anything else in the world. 

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