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Silas Richardson, PCSW

Undergraduate Education:

Bachelors of Arts in Psychology, Azusa Pacific University

Graduate Education:

Masters of Social Work, Eastern Washington University

Professional Licenses:

Provisional License of Clinical Social Work (PCSW); Licensed Addiction Therapist (LAT)

Clinical Training/Certifications:

HeartMath Trainer

Counseling Services:

Individual, Family, and Group Mental Health and Substance Use Therapy - Child and Adult

About Silas:

Silas Richardson graduated from Azusa Pacific University in Azusa, California, with a BA in Psychology in 1990 and completed his master's in social work at Eastern Washington University, Spokane, Washington, in 2001. Silas is licensed as a PCSW (Provisional Clinical Social Worker) in Wyoming. While living in Washington, he completed classes, got certified as a drug/alcohol counselor, and is fully licensed as a licensed LAT (Licensed Addiction Therapist) in Wyoming.

Silas has been in the social services for 30-plus years, doing various jobs in various areas. He had volunteered at an agency that housed minor males who had committed crimes such as murder, burglary, and any other crimes that would send them to prison as an adult. He also volunteered at an after-school program for youth in Bemidji, Minnesota. He had moved to California to finish his BA. He worked in group homes in the Los Angeles area, which worked with various adolescent behaviors, such as suicidal violent behavior, and but not limited to working with gang members. After he had moved to Washington, he worked in a residential center for approximately a year. After getting his drug/alcohol license, he worked as a drug and alcohol counselor until he left for South Dakota, his home state. Silas had worked with LGBTQ youth in Seattle, Washington, for approximately a year when the youth had drug/alcohol issues. Many children had become homeless due to coming out to their family members, which required Silas to help the youth find housing.

Silas had worked at a psychiatric center in Rapid City for about a year before his friends suggested he apply for a job in Wyoming, which paid more. He took their advice, got a job as a child protection worker, and fell in love with Wyoming. He worked in Rock Springs for 3.5 years and Pinedale for four years in the same role. Eventually, he had to return to Minnesota to assist with family issues. While there, he worked at a domestic violence shelter, a drug/alcohol treatment center, and as a drug/alcohol counselor and child protection worker for Prairie Island Indian Community. He also served as a liaison to ensure county child protection followed ICWA. After five years, he returned to drug/alcohol counseling before moving back to Wyoming, where he had developed a strong connection.

Silas provides individual healing sessions that assist clients in deepening self-awareness, connecting with others, and being true to themselves and others. He believes in taking a holistic approach to empowering clients, utilizing techniques such as DBT, cognitive behavior therapy, HeartMath, and other modalities that fit each client. These methods have been proven to address various mental health concerns, including depression, anxiety, PTSD, and trauma.

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