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Resources for Parents of Suicidal Teens

As a parent, seeing your teen struggle with suicidal ideation is about as scary as it comes. The experience can not only be emotionally draining, but often lonely and disorienting - not knowing where, how or who to ask for help. However, finding support and resources to help both you and your child through this life-threatening situation is paramount. In this article we will provide you with local (ID & WY) and national resources that can help.

First, always remember that we are here to help. It is, in fact, our sole purpose. HCBH offers individual and family counseling, medication management, as well as crisis services. All of which can be helpful in times like these. We also have case managers, whose sole function is to link you to vital resources – even helping you to make difficult phone calls and complete complicated paperwork. We are here to ease your burden in any way that we can. However, as promised, here is a list of more resources...

Resources for Parents of Suicidal Teens


Wyoming Behavioral Institute (WBI): WBI offers service to ages 5 to 17 in their child/adolescent program. The inpatient program consists of group, Individual and family therapy, medication management, structured days, family involvement and discharge planning. WBI also offers an academic treatment to help students that need schooling and take the extra stress away of falling behind.

Location: 2521 E 15th St, Casper, WY 82609  Phone: (307) 237-7444


Youth Care Treatment Center: The Youth Care team is available to help adolescents and teens ages 11 to 18. They try to provide a home-like feel and structure, to help them adapt in a comfortable and safe environment. Not only are they there for suicidal teens and adolescents, but also offer help with 12 different mood and behavioral disorders and 7 different substances. This location offers medication management where each person that is in need of medication will meet with a psychiatrist on a weekly basis. They also offer individual therapy, group therapy, family therapy, recreational therapy, and community service activities. Youth Care also offers a full academic program to prevent youths from falling behind and even graduate high school.

Location: 12595 S Minuteman Dr., Draper, UT 84020  Phone: (877) 266-8291

Huntsman Mental Health Institute: Youth residential treatment is a 16 bed, 24 hour facility licensed to treat adolescent females between the ages of 13-17. Each treatment is individualized to the client. The length of the stay depends on treatment but typically ranges from one to three months. Services that they provide include; a secure level of care with programs like these; comprehensive mental health assessment, medication evaluation /management by a board certified child psychiatrist, five clinical groups per week, two therapy sessions per week (individual), one family therapy session per week, expressive therapy groups, academic programming, academic assessment and coordination with the patient’s local school, and dialectical behavior therapy (DBT) programming.

Location: 501 Chipeta Way Salt Lake City, UT 84108  Phone: 801-583-2500

Provo Canyon Behavioral Hospital: Provo has an adolescent program for ages 12 to 17. They are fully staffed 24 hours, 7 days a week and personal staff that works with each individual adolescent who struggle with depression, grief, loss, bipolar disorder, anxiety or other mental health needs that impair their ability to function in their daily life. Their program is based on the individual and the process they make in treatment. They offer comprehensive mental health evaluations, individual attention from highly trained psychiatrists and nurse practitioners, Registered Nurses providing 24-hour nursing care, master’s level therapists, addiction counselors, a multidisciplinary treatment approach, involvement in creative arts therapy programs, family interventions, and discharge planning with an emphasis on relapse prevention.

Location: 1350 East 750 North, Orem, Utah 84097  Phone: 801-852-2273


Teton Peaks Residential Treatment Center: Teton Peaks is a facility that is designed to help teen girls between the ages of 13 and 18. The program is geared towards teens that need a safe and secure environment to work on behavioral, emotional and mental health. The facility hopes that when it is time for clients to continue their lives outside of their facility, they will be prepared to accept the challenges they will face.

Location: 2280 E 25th St Idaho Falls, ID 83404  Phone: (208) 227-2100

Imagine Boise: Imagine Boise is owned by North Point and has other locations in Nampa, Idaho and Washington. Imagine is geared towards adolescents of ages 12 to 17. They work closely with individuals in crisis to address the root of the problem to avoid other issues that could later surface. They provide group, individual and family counseling. They also provide assistance with discharge, aimed at integration into community and school. 

Location: 9292 W Barnes Dr Boise, Idaho, 83709  Phone: (208) 231-3429

Other Resources

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: This national resource is completely anonymous and there to help if you or someone you know is afraid to reach out for help. They are available 24/7 and offer a chat option, if talking on the phone is uncomfortable.

Phone: 800-273-8255  Website:

You can always reach out to local therapist offices in your community. If they are not equipped to provide the services your adolescent requires, they can aide you in finding appropriate resources.

Kylie Osterling, PPC, PAT

About the author

Kylie Osterling, PPC, PAT

Kylie Osterling is a Professional Counselor and Addiction Therapist for HCBH Evanston. She practices person-centered therapy and Rational Emotive Behavioral Therapy (REBT) to customize her approach and achieve the best results for her clients.

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